Thursday, April 05, 2007

Steering test

Just to prove it all works here is a quick video showing the steering working. Sorry about the poor video quality, but hopefully you get the idea !

Steer today, steer tomorrow

My car has a steering wheel, briefly ! Have got the dashboard/steering support frames back from the metal fabricator and they work a treat. I found the steering the most annoying part of my buggy build so am determined to get it right with this project. I don't want any flex or movement on the column so have had two frames made up in 25mm steel box section. These run along under the dash pods and support the shortened steering column in two places.

They will ultimately bolt to the floor, the side fibreglass panels, the centre tunnel and the bulkhead.

As you can see they are pretty sturdy, and once bolted up should hold everything together well.

I also hope to be clever and run some of the wiring inside them to the steering column and switches - well that's the theory !

The dash slips over them and between the front brackets and the bulkhead, which also helps secure this, and once fitted the dash pods cover the cut outs on the dash.

Whilst it will never be seen, I will know the job is done properly. I have a stack of new stainless nuts and bolts to lock it all together, and have a new universal joint section for the steering column, designed for the 1303 beetle. This couples up to the new steering box, and the shortened original column.
This is another part of the jigsaw worked out and ready for final fit. Tomorrow the body comes off the pan again to allow for final repairs and paint on the shell. With the chassis exposed again I will be plumbing in the twin circuit brakes, pedal box and hydraulic clutch. I really feel it is getting there now as there are not many unknowns left. The sunshine and light evenings is a big help too! Off to the Detling Kit Car show next Saturday to get some detail pictures of Novas and maybe a few brake parts. More soon, Jim