Thursday, March 11, 2010

99 dreams I have had

99 dreams I have had.

In every one a red balloon.

It's all over and I'm standing pretty.

In this dust that was a city.

If I could find a souvenir.

Just to prove the world was here.

And here is a red balloon.

I think of you and let it go.

Goodbye Nena.......................................

Yep that's right - Nena has been sold - good luck Ces and Rose, look after her..................

Watch this space for a new project soon !

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With this Nova I thee wed

Hi all,

Been a while since the last post as I haven't done much with Nena the Nova. This was because I knew she had some important duties coming up. On Saturday 26th September Sarah and I got married !

And what else would the groom and best man go to church in?

You guessed it !

Sarah and I also left the registry office in the Nova, and as you can see that was an interesting challenge with the dress !

We had an amazing day, and would like to thank everyone who made it so special,

All the best,

James & Sarah Horsley

Monday, August 10, 2009

Goodwood House GRRC Open Day

Been a while, but what a way to get back into blogging about the life of Nena the Nova !

Sunday 9th August was the Goodwood Road Racing Club (GRRC) Summer Open day, and we were lucky enough to have Nena on display.

There were just 44 cars on display, varying from early Porsches (356 & 911 & 912), a Ferrari Dino, Pagoni Zonda, Alvis, Astons and early Lotus.

We were the only kit car - but the car was very well received and created much interest.

Thought you might like to see below shots, the weather was superb which helped a lot, as did the 3 course meal, with champagne and wine for all exhibitors !

We also broke the Goodwood curse with no car problems, and a great drive to/from the ground, with the drive to the house taking in some of the hill climb run- you could still see the rubber laid down at the start !

One day I will get to do the whole run on the hill.....................

Monday, June 08, 2009

Supercar Sunday

Sunday 7th June saw the sunshine hit Sussex, and the Supercars hit the country roads on route to Goodwood, for the monthly breakfast club meeting - the theme 'Supercar Sunday'.

We headed off in Nena hoping to get in on the action, and were not disappointed. Not only did we have a great drive over (overheating problems now resolved), meeting Ferrari's, Porsches and Lotus's. We also got right in on the heart of the action when we arrived.

A queue of motoring exotica gathered outside the track, caused in part by an accident in Arundel. We found ourselves tucked behind a Lotus Exige nearing the entrance, and as soon as the exhibitors gate beckoned we signalled to join. The format is a good one, free entry to qualifying cars which then park along the race track for one and all to enjoy perusing. As we watched the Marshalls arranging entrants it became clear the Lotus ahead was being directed to the public car park, and refused entry to the track. We feared a similar response, but shouldn't have feared. The Nova clearly is a 'Supercar' and Nena was beckoned into the main track, and we parked up on the start line between a Masserati and Marcos - fantastic !

I never saw the Lotus again, but can't help thinking that if the driver had realised he had been pipped by a beetle he would have been even more unhappy !

Here are just a few pictures from the day. Next stop Newark 09.

All the best,


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stoneleigh 2009 - A record year for Novas

Stoneleigh 2009 was the first time Nena had made it that far - last year carb problems saw her having to stay at home ! Not so this year, and we had a ball.

Here is our take on the weekend:

Sarah and I left home (Worthing) at 11.30 and inevitably met a tailback on the M25. We did manage to cut the corner via the M4 and miss the worst, meeting Ben, Josh, Gizmo, Mike, Elaine and Purple Passion at Warwick services roughly on time

Shortly afterwards Mick, Sue, Petra and Mick’s Red Nova arrived.

We then had a convoy going on,

On Sunday morning I took myself to the entrance and managed to snap one of the club arriving

Then later in the day the club held it's AGm and prize giving. Sarah and I (and Nena) were given the 'Putting it about Award' for getting Nena and other Novas into the press and many shows - great news, and a cool trophy made by Alex - a miniture Nova

On the subject of ‘Putting it about’ Nena is in this month’s PPC mag, and we have had a heads up from Ian of CKC that Sarah is credited for a photo in the next issue – hopefully the Club shot from Detling, so watch this space.

And then the meeting ended with a group shot of the cars, and the very important club members – Sarah even made it into the photo thanks to the wonders of time delay

Despite rain on Sunday spirits were not dampened and Lauren arrived with Green Machine to fill the gap left by Essex Dave

The final journey home went really well – we left early afternoon (thanks to those who packed up the gazebos etc) and made it in 2 hours 45mins.

That was 161 miles, we averaged 58.5 mph, and fuel economy was a highly respectable 36.6mpg,
A great weekend – big thanks to the club committee for all the hard work,

Hope you enjoy the pictures