Sunday, January 27, 2008

The moment I have been waiting for

It has to be said that the NOVA's crowning glory is it's roof. And if I am honest it was the sight of a white NOVA with it's roof up at the top of the road when I was around 17 that got me interested. Back then I hadn't realised the VW beetle link, despite being a keen V dubber.

Well at last all the pieces of the jigsaw have been joined up. New stainless steel hinges (cheers Mike and Elaine), new pump and rams (cheers Paul at Club Nova), new wiring loom (thanks Paul again), and a remote kit.

Now I am no plumber, so there was an initial leak when I set it up, as I made one connection wrongly! Also when I dry fitted it all I realised the pin on the hinges was too high, meaning the roof wouldn't open far enough ! But after a quick bit of welding (thanks Martin at Mataan), a visit to Pirtek for some fittings, and Harry's expertise in bleeding the system, and remote gizmos I was there.

Still some fine tuning and adjustment to go, but it shows it all works !

Now I take it all apart and store it safely whilst Nena goes to the paintshop. this was the last big job to do pre-paint, I just need to mount the seats now and I beleive I am ready to hand Nena over - scarey !

For now, enjoy the moment with me:

More soon, and hopefully pictures of an empty garage as Nena goes for paint !

All the best,