Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More bodywork testing, and more changes

Yes I know - August 1st is fast approaching !

Anyway, putting aside the impending deadline I have changed my plans for the rear end. I got a chance to purchase an unused Mk4 rear bumper, so after a long drive to Lancashire and back (in an evening) I am the proud owner of the bumper seen below !
The bumper is just clamped in place here, and you can see it lines up well with little work - once bolted up with a joining trim in place it should look good.
The white paper discs are templates for the lights I had aimed to fit, but I have decided they are a little to large, so am going for some 2.5cm smaller in diameter ! That will be the third set of lights I have bought then !
I now need to mark up and drill mounting holes, adjust the exhaust to line up with the holes and choose a number plate light. It is getting there, honest ........................... Jim