Monday, May 19, 2008

Nena on show again, and what an entrance !

This weekend was the Retro, Custom and Classic Show at Merrist Wood, Guilford.

A great day was had by all, and a superb variety of cars attended. Everything from Pontiacs, Drag Racers, Beach Buggies, Campers, even a Delorian.

However, our entrance was a little challenging, as the roof jammed in the up position, and wouldn't return !

A kind spectator helped investigate the fault, and we just about managed to open the bonnet 6" to get in, disconnect the battery, and find a blown fuse. The cause? A faulty £2 switch !

Once that was resolved we were able to enjoy the show and had a great day looking at the other machines on display, and chatting to other show goers about Nena.

Here are some pictures of other cars at the show:

Again, she was really well received, and days like this make the last 2 years worthwhile !

Fire up the flux capacitor !