Wednesday, September 12, 2007

and this week I am an electrician !

Hi all,

Been a while since I posted any progress as house move has taken priority (well packing the garage to be precise).

Anyhow chain collapsed, another 4 weeks minimum living out of boxes so thought I would get back to Nena !

So this week I am turning my hand to electrics (needed the smallest amount of tools that are packed). So in the wiring loom goes !

I am using the donor beetle's( wiring loom as a template but making up new wires as I go. So far I have run wires to the switches, steering column and front loom (lights etc).

It isn't looking that neat at the moment but I am going to pull through the slack to switches/lamps etc at the end and cable tie it all in place.

I now remember why I hate wiring, but after three evenings (around 2 hours a night) it is starting to come together. More detail shots when it looks neater

All the best, Jim