Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I've been plumbing !

With the prospect of having to push the car to her new home soon (it is only 0.4 miles away) I felt brakes would be helpful !

Up until this Saturday none of the short runs of copper line had been fitted, and the flexible lines to the callipers were still to be fitted also.

So I spent an achy Saturday under each corner fitting the pipes, sealing all joints and running pipes to the reservoir. I didn't complete the job as inevitably the last fitting cross threaded, and my flaring tool had broken ! Still, I have found a local company who will make me up the final line cheap, and hope therefore to be able to commission the brakes and hydraulic clutch soon.

The pedal box and pipework look really neat, and I have managed to keep everything in the bulkhead neat and tidy.

Hopefully the combination of an adjustable front/rear brake balance, full discs all round and braided (expensive) flexible lines should mean Nena stops sharply and safely - I will let you know !
Now back to the packing, Jim