Friday, June 08, 2007

Back together again

Well its been a long time coming, but at last the body is back on the chassis.

This time around I am happy with the alignment, and have protected the fibreglass mounting lip by using some steel plates to bolt through onto the chassis.

I am really pleased to get the shell and chassis reunited, particularly with the fuel tank and engine now fitted - it starts to look like a car !

Once the body was mounted it was a good opportunity to fit the canopy and test seating positions again. This time I was working out mirror positions, and side window vents - there is lots to still do, but I feel it is getting there.

I have decided to get the shell resprayed professionally, so over the next few weeks my aim is to fit everything together, and ensure it all works - then strip down and hand over to the paint shop (with a few quid!) and cross my fingers I have chosen the right colour (more of that soon).

Next job is to fit the steering column supports and lock the steering together, then the pedal box, then the wiring loom. It never ends !

More soon, Jim