Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nena makes a full feature

Another day, another magazine ! I have been waiting for this moment for some time.

The main reason I was browsing the mags yesterday was to see if the latest Complete Kit Car mag was out.

As some of those at Stoneleigh may recall Ian of CKC had been to see Nena re running a feature.

Well, that went ahead and this month's edition shows part 1 of Nena's story

We have already done a outdoors photo shoot with Ian for Part 2 which will be in next months mag, and the pics are superb I have promised to not put any up online until the mag hits the shops so will have to wait for those. We had a great day with Ian out in the sunshine, and even got some good driving shots.

To say the least I am really chuffed, particularly to get into 2 mags in the same month.

Much of the build story in this month's CKC (5 pages & 41 pics) will be very familiar to you all, if you have followed this blog.

Also for the keen readers you will spot the Club Nova contact details are a little out of date (Part 1 was prepped pre Stones). Up to date info will be in Part 2.

Here is this month's cover, not a great scan but you can just about make out me and Nena in the picture at the bottom (first time I turned over the engine).

Now get out and buy it !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nena makes it into print again !

What a surprise. There I was browsing the mags in WHSmiths, and I saw Ultra VW.

I don't usually buy it, but remembered they were at Buglovin, so had a look for a show write up.

Yep, Nena made it into the photos, and got a comment 'We haven't seen a Nova kit car at a VW show for some years - this one was cool!

Well chuffed !