Monday, February 04, 2008

Au revoir Nena

Well the day has come,

Nena has gone to the paintshop, and will be away for around 3 weeks.

It was a significant landmark sending her off, and I just hope I have remembered to cut and drill all the holes I needed ! I am not looking forward to having to drill my lovely new paint. Here is Nena being sent off:

Pleasingly her component parts were gathered up and shipped off in another Volkswagen:

I have decided on my colour (will be revealed soon), to be accented with satin black parts - louvres, dash, window tunnel, underside of canopy and bonnet.

Wing mirrors and reversing sensors will be colour coded body colour.

Once she arrives back I will be laying out lots of sheets, bubble wrap etc and assembling with care !

Now the Detling Kit Car show in April looks like a strong possibility !

More soon, from an empty garage !!