Tuesday, September 29, 2009

With this Nova I thee wed

Hi all,

Been a while since the last post as I haven't done much with Nena the Nova. This was because I knew she had some important duties coming up. On Saturday 26th September Sarah and I got married !

And what else would the groom and best man go to church in?

You guessed it !

Sarah and I also left the registry office in the Nova, and as you can see that was an interesting challenge with the dress !

We had an amazing day, and would like to thank everyone who made it so special,

All the best,

James & Sarah Horsley

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FFF on vacation said...

Hi Jim!
Happen to stumble (how you "stumble" over the Internet beats me...) over your excellent blog when searching for the Rochdale Olympic. I saw the Novas at a car show at Donington back in 1978 (could have been '79) and I thought they were so cool. You sure have got a nice Nova and I hope the rest of the restoration goes well. Best regards, Anders from Sweden