Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back to reality

Well, what else would you do the day after a 12 hour flight, feeling jet lagged and looking back on a great two weeks in Thailand ?

That's right - straight back to the garage !

Nigel had come up trumps with the welding while I was away so I wanted to get everything sealed and painted.

I am really pleased with how the new panels fit, and feel retaining the original floor pan and going for a sloping drop was the best way.

As you can see in the photos all metal work has been treated to a liberal dose of grey zinc anti-rust primer.

Each side will get two coats top and bottom as well as all seams being sealed. Then two coats of chassis black will follow.

I am concentrating on the upper side at the moment, as that is where most of the welding is and I want to protect the edges before the body is bolted on. That should happen in the next couple of weeks all being well.

Garage space remains a valuable commodity so the only real way to crack on with bodywork repairs and preparation is to mount the shell up. This will also give me the opportunity to dummy up seating and dash positions before committing to the final welding - moving the handbrake and gearstick.

I feel progress is being made - this year I will drive a NOVA on the road ! (If I keep saying it I might start believing it !)

More soon, Jim

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