Sunday, March 04, 2007

The next car is going to have doors !

No I hadn't fallen asleep - I was trying to fix the dash in place. I am still trying to decide on the exact seating and steering position so decided the dashboard had to go back in. To get as much leg room as possible (I am 6ft 3") I wanted the dash as high as possible. Sarah had the sensible suggestion of putting the canopy on to be sure it all fitted together, and it didn't !

So the dash was removed, the canopy refitted and then the dash re secured.

Once the dash is more securely fitted I can start on adapting the steering column to fit. Once the steering column is in place I can mount the pedal box. Once the pedal box is in place I can run the hydraulic lines - you see how it all interlinks !

Once I am confident that I have the steering right I may remove the body to clean and paint the underside - I have spent the last few weeks filling holes and prepping but have limited access to certain areas of the underneath. In an ideal world I would like to turn the shell over, sand and smooth any patchworkrepairs and paint the underside in a black chassis paint.

We shall see if I have the resolve to take the body off again!

I also need to start work on cleaning and prepping the canopy which still bears its original red paint. At least all of the bodywork (except bonnet and side panels) is one colour now. It all seems like slow progress at the moment, but once the weather is brighter I hope progress can be stepped up.

Right, off to e-bay to search for steering columns and deep dish steering wheels !

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Anonymous said...

Oh I completely agree My darling James the next one will have doors and you'll be able to fit inside without doing your back so much damage !!!

You're making such wonderful headway with the car and I'm very proud of you but still unsure whether you're going to hit your deadline.

Always supportive and forever yours, Sarah xxx