Monday, May 07, 2007

I've given the chassis a tickle !

After a succesful session of painting the other weekend I realised that I need to get the chassis finished, and clear some of the stock pile of parts cluttering up the house. So, the hydraulic lines have been fitted to the brakes and hydraulic clutch, the repainted red brake callipers offered up.

I have also chosen which of the engines lying around the workshop are going in the car for now and started cleaning that up, including stripping down all of the tinwear, and repainting it. I have had experience of using aftermarket tinware, so whenever possible I re-use the german tinwear. It is worth doing as it is much thicker steel, and fits better. I have gone for a hammered paint finish as it hides the odd blemish and is typically hard wearing.

I have also finished painting up the fuel tank in bright red (the main accent colour is red), got hold of stainless tinwear fittings for the engine reassembly and spent time talking to the guys at Club NOVA working out roof options, and unfortunately realised my hinges are beyond repair - that' another one for the shopping list !
The chassis is not far away now, I hope to have the engine rebuilt and fully fitted inside the next week or so, e-bay has supplied the new manifold I needed for the carb. Once the chassis is done I will focus on the body and paint. I would like to get the main shell in paint before I fit it to the chassis, and run the wiring loom.
Have been spurred on by seeing more NOVAs at the Stoneleigh kit car show - photos will follow, more progress soon, Jim


Anonymous said...

Love the rear callipers. Cant seem to see the hanger mount for the calliper. Is it a bent z piece that fits under the wheel bearing cover.

What make are the rear disks .

The clutch actuator looks great wish I had gone this route

Jim said...

Yep, the mounts for the callipers go under the bearing cover - there is an exploded diagram of this kit (EMPI) here: