Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lights, sander, action

Well I have nearly made my mind up that Nena is off to the paint shop. With that in mind I need to get all the holes cut on the shell for lights etc and test fit panels.

I have had a couple of estimates for the paint and prep, and as those who have been through similar projects will know, it is not a cheap job. It is estimated that it will take 4 man days to sand and prep all the panels, or I can get them all down to gelcoat myself and save a few quid! The red respray Nena had some time ago doesn't seem to be great quality so the professionals opinion is to remove it all.

So before the rain started this weekend I got out my sander and boxes of parts and started cutting holes !

The bonnet and engine lid have been sanded using a dual action orbital sander, I just need to do the fiddly curves by hand. The engine lid lock and hinges are test fitted, and at the front the headlight/indicator units (1980's metro) are in, the bonnet hinges and locks test fitted.
Next I need to prep and test fit the side panels, and decide which of my rear panels to use. I then need to make up a rear light panel and cut a few more holes !
Ideally I would like to test fit everything to the car prior to paint, so, knowing the local paint shop has a long waiting list I need to be brave, book it in, and get on with it.
I hate to say it but the August 1st 2007 aim is looking doubtful ! You never know though, more soon (if it stops raining), Jim

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