Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nena gets snapped

There I was browsing through the Volksworld website and I stumble across their blog coverage of the recent Buglovin show at Ardingly.

Which pale blue Nova managed to sneak into one of the shots !?! You guessed it:

You can see the full picture, and others from the show here:

Who knows, maybe Nena will make it into print too !

More soon,


PS Drove Nena to work today, new Weber 32/36 carb working well, and newly wired up stereo worked well also !


Alistair said...

Fantastic. I picked up a copy today and can't remember the last time I saw a Nova in a magazine! I bought my Nova in 1987 and it's been off the road since the kids came along. I used to be the Scottish Area rep for Club Nova and travelled down to Newark and Stoneleigh in the early 1990's with the car. It's metallic blue and has been de-seemed, but after all these years (thankfully indoors) it could do with a makeover. Anyway, absolutely fabulous to see the restoration of a Nova in a mainstream magazine. Well done! Once my kids have flown the nest I'll maybe follow your example. All the best, Alistair (

Jim said...

Thanks Alistair - we have actually just come back from newark today !

Glad you liked the magazine feature - don't forget to buy the next edition as well!