Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nena gets in on Goodwood

If you are a kit car follower you may have read in CKC (Complete Kit Car), this year is the first time a kit car mag has got a stand, and Justin, Adam and Ian will be there all weekend.

I got in touch with them all after Newark and sent on the Club Nova Newark photos as well as enquiring how the Goodwood preparations were going.The outcome was that Ian had a look at the layout of their stand, decided they could accomodate three cars rather than the orignal plan of 2. They have a very early Lotus Seven and their latest Adrenaline Murtaya there, and something iconic in the middle which they though would work really well.

Any guesses what the Iconic kit car in the middle is? Yep, you guessed it, Nena is off to Goodwood !Exhibitor passes arrived just in time and Dad and I delivered the car today - I have spent the last two nights polishing!

The magazine are putting together some background displays on the cars, and I have supplied him some info. Also Part 2 of Nena' article is in the August magazine, which will go on sale at the show. I will of course get lots of photos - but for now here are a few of the show in set up mode, without the thousands that will flood through the gate tomorrow
Driving into the show - a Kit Car queue ! This year's 'sculpture'

Race cars lining up in the Paddock - my favourite GT40 colour scheme, recognize the blue at all ??

And finally, Nena outside the CKC stand whilst the stand was being set up.

Lots more photos soon, Jim

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