Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Brighton Breeze 2008

Wow, what a weekend. Saturday 18th October was Brighton Breeze, a cruise of mainly air cooled VWs from Epsom to Brighton.

Living close to Brighton we had an early start to get to Epsom, and then cruise to Brighton with hundreds of VWs.
Nena lines up at Epsom

It was a cold start on the day, but as we joined the masses at Epsom the mist lifted and the sun shone bright. Nena also drew many an admiring glance, as she was the only Nova amongst hundreds of bugs, and campers.
Nena arriving in Brighton

Nena draws lots of curious onlookers

Volkswagens as far as the eye can see.

We had an excellent drive down, taking in a stop at Pease Pottage services to chat to other Volkswagen drivers, and general public who were very curious about what was going on. There is nothing to beat a VW cruise, the sight of campers filling the inside, and middle lanes of the M23 makes you smile.

As you can as at Brighton the line up was huge. The atmosphere was also great, with plenty of BBQs, beer in the sunshine, and a great relaxed feel. What a way to end the show season.

For us, (and Nena), this was the last show of 2008. As I write this Nena already is topless in the garage, with the roof off to allow for a few winter tweaks - more of that soon,

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