Saturday, November 11, 2006

4 wheels on my wagon

Well, its been a while since my last entry, but today I got back to what I enjoy - rebuilding !
After a week or two of shopping and assembling the parts required I have rebuilt the front end, and re-installed the front axle.

I could have re-used one of my salvaged steering boxes, but think both are probably past there best, so chose to get a new one through VW Heritage. I went through the pain of stripping down the old tie rods - If you have done it you will now what I mean !! I figured its a pain to get to all the suspension and steering gear once the NOVA shell is back on, so have gone for the safe option of replacing everything ! I used a disc brake conversion kit from VW Heritage, which I have used before on my beach buggy. The parts are all VW and good quality. A 'How to' guide from Volksworld helped refresh my memory, with it being @3 years since I last did the conversion, but it went well, and hopefully should help stop me when I need it.

I know I should be working on the bodyshell, getting it straight and prepped for paint, but am struggling for room. I think the aim is now to re-build the back end and then mount the shell to it, which means I can keep it dry in the garage and start sanding etc.

It feels like major progress today to get front wheels back on, and it is nice to get the car out of the garage to enable me to have a good old clean ! Oh for a double garage !!

Well here it is - the rolling chassis - on the road again !!

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