Sunday, November 12, 2006

Been shopping

Progress may be slow, but the purchases have been mounting up !

I have started amassing many parts, both for the chassis/mechanical side of things, and also for the bodywork. In particular, a great find was a number of NOVA spares, through the Club NOVA/AVANTE website (see Sources of Inspiration) - cheers Adrian.

Room at home is getting tight so have put a number of spares up in the loft, and in the shed for now until they are needed, but thought I would post a few photos up here of them all first.

Canopy side interior panels (GRP) . These are in need of a good clean, and retrim, but the GRP is fine, aside from a couple of old mounting holes.

Pendulum mount pedal box, with three master cylinders. I will be having front and rear discs with a bias bar to adjust the front/rear braking. The clutch will be hydraulic as well, utilizing a NEAL slave cylinder.

Bedford rascal seats (e-bay £30 for 2), original NOVA dashboard and pods.

Now I can start testing out seating positions (yes I know this needs to be done in the car !).

Close up of dash, some patching required here and there, but overall solid.

Pods have been trimmed in PVC. I will probably strip these down and either paint, or re-cover.

Nice pair of headlights Sarah !

These were another e-bay bargain, chosen for their integral indicators. They should fit snugly in the existing light pods, with a bit of careful cutting. Now I just need to find rear lights and side repeaters (perhaps built into mirrors).

Well that's it for now, more pictures will follow as these bits start to get fitted, Jim.

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