Thursday, February 08, 2007

Measure twice, cut once !

The end of the world is nigh. Oops, I meant the end of the welding is nigh !

For a couple of weeks I have been saying that the only welding left is to 'just' move the gearstick and handbrake. It not that simple !

Firstly there was the conduits for the handbrake cables to free up, then cut shorter and reposition to line up with the new handbrake hole.

The handbrake bracket was re-used and relocated further down the tunnel.

This wasn't welded until cables had been fitted to both guide conduits/tunes to ensure they hadn't been crimped.

Then the gearstick and selector rod. The stick is the easy bit - cut out a section, cut a new section the right size and re-weld.

The tricky bit was cutting the selector rod to size and ensuring it was accurate. In the end I used a plumbing tube cutter and then a piece of 22mm copper pipe inside the rod (the rod is hollow) to give some strength and keep it straight while welding. The cut edges were also chamfered so the weld could be inside the overall diameter of the rod once it was ground off.

A temporary fit was tested with a tack welded rod and riveted gearstick mount to ensure all of the gears could be selected before final welds were made.

Also I liberally painted (poured !) anti rust products into the tunnel as I will never see the inside again !

A new gear rod coupler and guide bush were also fitted whilst in the area.

Give it all a lick of paint and who would know !

Soon the pedals will go in, then the seat mounts will be finalised - I am getting there, I am ! Jim

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