Sunday, April 15, 2007

A useful distraction

Another sunny weekend, another great chance to get ahead on the NOVA, another lazy weekend, with no work done !

However there was a reason for this - the Detling Kit Car Show ! Here I got to meet other NOVA owners, and at last sat in a finished NOVA - the news is good - I fit !!

Thanks to Mike & Elaine for letting me sit in their lovely finished NOVA, and also Harry and Paul for answering many simple questions.

A good bit of time was spent taking pictures of the fiddly bits, and working out how it all goes together. I also managed to get round the stands and buy some goodies - mainly electrical, at good prices.

This has definitely spurred me on to get finished, as I want to enjoy one of these shows with my car on display.

The seating test did also make me realise I wanted some seats with more adjustment, so a quick e-bay search sourced a pair of MX5 seats with runners, in my area for a bargain price - it is all coming together ! More soon, Jim

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