Sunday, April 29, 2007

What happened next ?

So what have I been doing since Detling then you wonder ? Its hard to answer that question quickly, as I have been tackling lots of little jobs, and moving between the chassis and bodywork.

Harry and Paul from Club NOVA came down the following weekend to have a look at Nena and offer advice.
The body is back off and at last the shell is solid again with all major holes underneath fibreglassed up, and sealed.

and I have even test fitted the bonnet and hinges. On the chassis I have started fitting the pedal box, bolted in the hydraulic clutch slave and painted the brake callipers. I have also started making the copper brake lines. The fuel tank has also been treated to a lick of red paint and new shock absorbers fitted all round.

The aim is to buy up all final parts I need at Stoneleigh Kit Car Show and then get the chassis completed inside the next few weeks. The body has a few areas that keep reacting, so when the weather allows a coat of bar coat will be blown over the whole shell.
Once the chassis is finished and the body in bar coat I will mount it back up and test fit an engine and wiring loom. I have two engines which I am working with at the moment, hopefully to give me one usable one ! An alternator conversion kit has also been sourced to help with charging.
Lots to do, but a few more jobs off the list - keep watching !!!!

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