Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All bets are off

For those following this blog you will know that tomorrow (01/08/07) was the deadline for completion of Nena the NOVA.

Well all bets are off, and this is why:

Yep, we are moving ! Just need to complete on the sale of two houses, move all furniture into the new one, and move two engines, one unfinished car and a pile of parts. No problem.
So the new date for Nena's completion is 29th March 2008 (the date of the Volksworld VW Show). As always I have a contingency date in mind - 13th April 2008 (the date of the Detling Kit Car Show).
More updates soon, I think! I have already moved a car load of stuff from the garage into another garage (thanks Gran) and it still looks no better.
Anyone got a flatbed trailer I can borrow ?

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