Sunday, July 29, 2007

Light up, light up

Another week, another set of holes to cut. Also another set of back lights - this is the third set I have bought now, but I am at last happy ! The scary part was getting the holes in the right place - measure twice and cut once as they say! With this bumper having never been cut or fitted I didn't want to get it wrong.

Well, I am really pleased with the outcome - these units are much more modern looking, and with the chrome bezels catch the light really well.

I just need to choose the right number plate light now, and can then complete the cutting.

And yes, I know a new number plate is required, black and silver plates will be ordered this week.

I also got the mounting holes for the bumper sorted today - it is only clamped in place in these pictures, so at least I know it can be bolted up well, once it is painted.

I aim to get the engine in this week as well, as I may be needing to move the car to a new workshop soon (more of that soon), so need to get it mobile.

More soon, and yes I know August 1st is even nearer !


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