Monday, October 15, 2007

Racers, start your engines … and deafen the neighbours

Real progress is at last being made. This weekend I finished the installation of the wiring loom, refilled the gearbox oil, and gave the engine an oil change.

This put me in the exciting position of being able to test the wiring, and ultimately fire up the engine. Sarah was on hand as the able assistant to turn the key, turn on and off switches, and of course moral support.

For now a temporary speedo and fuel guage are wired up, with relevant warning lights. Once I know this all works fine I will test up the other spare gauges I have, and decide which go into the car.

Most circuits were tested prior to the engine test, and aside from a loose connection on the headlight circuit, and a fault on the indicators all seemed fine. As you can see the foliage is making work a little difficult, I can't wait to move as a double garage is waiting!

So time to get brave, and turn the key:

The trusty Volkswagen Flat 4 did the business (ever seen Woody Allen Sleeper??) and on the 4th turn of the key we had ignition. The accelerator cable is still to be fitted up at the pedal box, and the brakes need commisioning, so a drive wasn't possible, but we could at last hear the engine, and give it a bit of a work out !

With a new exhaust fitted, (which will probably need modifying to suit the bumper) there was a lot of paint to be burnt off the inside surfaces. The haze of black smoke soon filled the garage, and the car had to be wheeled outside. You can still see some of the smoke in the air in the below video !

Finally, all I have to say is thank you to Sarah for braving the smoke, and noise, to help in the tests, and sorry to the neighbours for the Sunday afternoon entertainment !

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