Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Sunday drive

Well progress is fast now ! After the success of the wiring, and engine test last weekend I am getting more confident.

Sarah went through a lesson in bleeding brakes (and hydraulic clutch), and here are the results. This is the first tentative drive out of the garage:

and after that, and some small adjustments (including fuel !) it was onto the open road. As you can hear there is some clutch slip going on. Initially I put this down to the clutch (still the original from the donor), but further investigation revealed some adjustment of the slave cylinder is required. Brakes also need some more bleeding, but it is getting there:

Hopefully more updates soon - the next week is going to be spent fine tuning the clutch, and re bleeding brakes. Next weekend I hope to get it over 20mph !

One British motoring victory this weekend then !

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