Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shiny things

The list of things to do while Nena is in for paint is getting shorter !

This week I took delivery of my nicely polished wheels. I am determined to keep Nena's history, both in terms of the donor (switches etc) and the original accessories/fittings. A key part of this approach for me was retaining the original Wolfrace slotmags.

I was pleased to find a local polishing company who have done me a great job.

You can just about make out the condition of the original wheels when I took delivery in this photo. They were very dull and oxidized, though pleasingly with little damage.

Well here they are now, awaiting new tyres, and much much shinier. Even the slots have been bead blasted, and all I have to decide now is how much to spend on tyres, and whether to paint the slots in true 1970's fashion !

It is all coming together ! Much more soon, Jim

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