Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shiny painted things

Firstly I have to thank Sarah for letting me fill the house with painted body panels !

In the last fortnight the rolling bodyshell, bumpers x 2, side panels, dashboard and pods, louvres and canopy have arrived back from the paintshop.
Until these parts can get mounted onto the car they need to be looked after carefully. I am absolutely paranoid about damaging them, so as each one is bolted up (louvres, engine lid and rear bumper so far) I am masking up well, and the garage floor is lined with bubble wrap !
All of the panels not yet on the car are dotted around the house - please note our lovely new dining room (just moved house), housing the canopy, louvres, bumper and seats !
The observant amongst you may well have noticed the pictures are in black and white - this is because I am keeping the colour of the car a closely guarded secret, until she is debuted at the Detling Kit Car show 2008 (12th April).
Hopefully, despite the lack of colour you start to get the idea - and can see the shine !

It was the first time I had seen Nena in one colour when she came back from the paintshop, and I am really starting to believe I will end the project soon !!
More very soon,

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